7th Sea


Decimus 17 – 22

The heroes managed to hold off Villanova’s guards long enough for Finn to get the coach ready go to and then they piled in and drove away from the estate as fast as possible. Valantina gave them directions to a small mansion in town that she said was safe and they rested there for the night. Finn left the house to dispose of the coach and was spotted by Henri down by the docks. Finn recovered a stash of money hidden there and then Henri confronted him. Finn explained about his friends being holed up in a mansion and offered to guide Henri to them after he made a stop. They went by the shopping district where Finn broke into a blacksmith shop and stole a heavy sword for Mattias. They then returned to the mansion.

The next morning the heroes found out that the house belonged to Juliette and that she and Valentina were actually childhood friends and both despised Villanova. They all planned to escape the island together as soon Juliette and Finn could arrange for a ship’s passage. In the meantime Finn paid Katy back for the loan plus interest and propositioned her for a date which she turned down. So he tried paying her for a date and she finally settled on 100 guilders to go out with him once they escaped the island.

By the 21st Juliette and Finn announced they had a ship hired to take smuggle them away so they planned to leave the next morning, head to the hotel where Henri stashed their gear, and get out as quickly as possible.



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