7th Sea

Rescuing a Princess

Nonus 12-14

The heroes agreed to help Ysabette rescue her sister Rosemond from the Inquisitors and Revolutionaries. The next day they traveled to the execution site and took up positions in the crowd. Unfortunately Federico was spotted by the head inquisitor and was hauled back stage for questioning. The Inquisitor correctly deduced that Federico did not come alone and had his henchmen apprehend Henri and Katy although Jean escaped detection. Once Rosemond was brought out from the palace, Mattias leapt onto the stage and engaged the Inquisitors in battle. Jean ran to help out Henri while Katy used her lightning to blast some guards. Ysabette and her crew shot down the executioner and also took the stage. The head inquisitor inflicted dire wounds on Mattias and then Federico when the Kanuban tried to make off with Rosemond. The heroes dispatched most of the other guards and ran for it with Rosemond and Ysabette into the palace. From there Ysabette guided them to a secret way into the sewers and they made for the star room then back to safety near the Explorer’s safe house.

That evening they all mounted up and headed for the port of Bayonne, the heroes planning to get a ride on Ysabette’s ship Magicienne. They arrived at the dock around midnight and found an Avalon ship and a Voddace ship in port as well. Men at the Voddace ship were loading cargo and upon further inspection it turned out to be Franco and Mitchell loading Syrneth artifacts from Charouse. Henri confronted Mitchell about selling artifacts to the Voddace Trade Princes which Mitchell denied. Mitchell also told Henri that if he tried to tell the Explorers about any of this that Mitchell would have Henri’s reputation ruined. Franco looked threatening enough that the heroes didn’t want to pick a fight in their wounded state. Mitchell left on the Avalon ship and Franco left on the Voddace one. The heroes asked Ysabette if she could help them follow the Voddace ship and she said it would be the least she could do considering they helped save her sister’s life.



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