7th Sea

Ruins Under Charouse

Nonus 2-12

The heroes journeyed into the sewers of Charouse with the rest of the Explorers Society expedition. They spent a week and a half exploring the ruins and securing artifacts. The major events of interest were Mattais slipping into the sewer sludge and attracting the unwanted attention of Yvonne while he got cleaned up. The group found the remains of a previous expedition, it looked like they turned on each other for some reason. They brought the bodies back to the surface for a proper burial. Henri explored Syrneth passages ahead of the main group. He nearly got roasted in a vertical cylinder room. Later in a different room he stepped on a pressure plate that triggered some sort of ray of light. Franz pushed him out of the way and got hit instead which knocked him unconscious. When Franz awoke he was non-responsive and still had no recovered by the end of the expedition.

Mitchell called and end to the exploration on the 12th citing concerns about the Montaigne army under Montague reaching the city soon and he wanted to get the artifacts safely out of the country before then. Each hero was given their choice of Domae stone as a reward for their hard work.

Back at the Explorer’s Society safe house an angry sailor woman argued with the Headmaster Reindhardt about how she was calling in all her favors to help save her sister. The Headmaster explained they didn’t have the manpower to help her and that he was sorry. The heroes investigated and found out that she was Ysabette Montaigne, one of the Emperor’s daughters and the inquisitors had her sister and were going to execute her the next day. They decided to help her.



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