7th Sea

Saving Vivian

Octavus 23 – Nonus 2

The heroes rested at the Celeste estate for a few days and then headed back toward Charouse to track down Nigel’s widow, Vivian Legard. On the way they started passing through a smaller town where they were confronted by armed peasant guards who demanded to know the heroes’ loyalties. Katy tried to explain that she was from Vendel which confused one of the peasants so he advanced menacingly with his spear. Katy invoked lightning and shocked him unconscious. The other guard ran into town and raised the alarm that a sorcerer was attacking. The party beat a hasty retreat away from the angry mob and skirted outside the town to continue south.

Once in Charouse the heroes headed to the Explorer’s Society chapter house for safety. They found it under siege by a mob demanding that the explorer’s turn over nobles they supposedly had hidden away. The headmaster told the mob that they didn’t have any nobles and when they didn’t disperse he called out a canon to the balcony at which point the crowd got the hint and scattered. Henri knocked at the front door and provided the proper passcode to let the heroes inside. The headmaster met with them and introduced himself as Werner Reinhardt. He explained that nobles were generally being executed in the square in front of the Emperor’s palace and that the Explorers were trying to keep themselves safe.

Another explorer entered the room demanding to speak to the newcomers. His name was Sir Camron Mitchell II and he was excited about sending an expedition into the Syrneth ruins under Charouse. The royal family declared the ruins off limits decades ago and now that the city was in turmoil there was no one to stop them. It was the chance of a lifetime! Henri said that he’d be interested once they’d looked for Vivian.

The heroes managed to track down the Legard mansion but found it abandoned except for a looter. Interrogating him revealed that the mansion had been sieged by a mob and everyone inside had been taken away the day before for execution. They hurried to the square outside the emperor’s palace and found a bloodthirsty group of peasants cheering in front of an execution platform. On the platform were a dozen nobles ranging from the elderly to an 8 year old boy lined up before a chopping block. The leader of the affair was the same Knight Inquisitor that they’d met in Charouse back in the spring. He was preaching to the crowd about cleansing the sorcerous taint from Montaigne. Federico challenged the inquisitor on whether Vivian deserved to be killed. He made a persuasive argument to the crowd about how she was a widow of an Avalon war hero and that she would have no more children and simply retire to Avalon in peace. The crowd was convinced and so the inquisitor turned Vivian loose but he warned Federico that if he ever crossed him again the inquisitor would put an end to the chef.

Most of the heroes took Vivian away to safety at the Explorer’s chapter house but Federico stayed to bear witness to the rest of the executions. That evening they were briefed on Mitchell’s expedition to the ruins and the next day they started their trip into the sewers.



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