7th Sea

The Opera Ghost

Nonus 13-30

The heroes followed the Voddace ship south, past Castille, and into Voddace waters. They arrived at Prince Villanova’s island where the ship they were tailing docked at the Prince’s private port. The heroes’ ship docked at the public merchant port where Ysabette told them she would stay for 3 days and then she was leaving.

They went ashore and after visiting the moneychanger Katy was mistaken for Yngvild Olafsdottir, the leader of the Vesten Raiders, by a servant of Villanova. He said she arrived earlier than expected and that the Prince was attending to other matters but he’d make sure she and her companions were taken care of while they waited. Katy went with it and soon the heroes were put up in a lavish hotel and received tickets to a local opera playing the next night. They enjoyed living on the Prince’s dime as they went out shopping before the performance.

The performance itself was at the People’s Opera and titled The Senator’s Daughter. The heroes had a set of box seats to themselves for the exquisite production. Of interest, apparently one of the box seats was reserved for something the other guests whispered about: The Opera Ghost. Apparently the phantom is seen in that box seat during some performances and rumor has it he’s abducted previous performers at the opera house.

After the show Federico met up with the leading lady, Maura Tullo, who had invited him to call on her. They hit it off and spent the evening together. The next day she went to rehearsal but left message for Federico to join her at lunch. He arrived at her dressing room and she thanked him for the rose and card. Federico told her he hadn’t given her a rose or card and she was quite upset. The message said:

Maura, your beauty is captivating. Soon you shall be mine, body and soul. I shall come for you.

Maura said she thought it was just Federico being cute but now she was worried that the Opera Ghost actually was out to get her. She begged Federico to protect her and he vowed he would. Federico informed Henri of what was going on and Henri decided to investigate. He snuck into the forbidden box seat overnight and in the morning he started searching for any sort of secret passageway. Behind the drapes on the walls he thought he found a secret door but for all his searching he couldn’t find a way to open it.



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