7th Sea

The Viper's Nest

Decimus 2

The heroes decided that Katy, Jean, and Mattias would attend Villanova’s meeting that evening. Katy posing as Yngvild Olafssdottir, Jean as her manservant, and Mattias as her bodyguard. Federico and Henri elected to stay at the hotel. Katy got all dressed up and was met out front of the hotel by Niccolo Rossi with a private coach. They made small talk on the drive up to the Villanova estate in the center of the island.

Once at the estate they passed through the walls and pulled up in front of the mansion. Katy was taken to a waiting room while Jean and Mattias were taken to a servant’s area to eat a quick dinner. In the waiting room Katy observed an impressive collection of books, art, and Syrneth artifacts (including one stolen from the Montaigne dig). After he ate, Mattias was escorted to the dining room to examine it for security threats. Once he cleared it Katy was brought to the room for dinner with Jean inside in case she needed anything. Mattias stood guard outside the door.

Giovani Villanova entered along with his fate witch wife and a courtesan. His wife was introduced as Valentina Villanova and the courtesan as Juliette. Based on their body language the two women despised each other. Once everyone was seated dinner was served in courses. Katy intentionally used the wrong table etiquette to seem more list a Vesten raider captain. Villanova commented on how comfortable Katy seemed to be in a dress and she said she had gotten used to it in the 4 days she’d spent enjoying his hospitality. After some chit chat Villanova got down to business and explained that the Vesten and the Voddace merchant princes had a common enemy in the Vendel. He proposed that the Voddace provide financial backing and limited physical resources (men and ships) to support the Vesten in destroying the Vendel. Katy said she’d have to convince the other Vesten raider captains but she thought they’d agree and arranged a tentative plan to have the Voddace forces meet the Vesten at one of the islands occupied by the Vesten.

Once planning was done Villanova commented on how unusual it was for Katy to speak such good Voddace. Katy lied and said she learned it in preparation for the meeting but Villanova seemed suspicious with her explanation. He asked her to accompany him to a balcony but she declined and said she needed to return to her ship to start making arrangements. He insisted she stay the night at least since it was late and she was his guest but again she declined.

Katy, Mattias, and Jean were taken to another waiting room, ostensibly while the coach was prepared for them to depart. The butler offered Mattias the chance to go inspect the coach in the stables but he declined. A few minutes later a servant came to offer the heroes some wine refreshments before they departed but they declined. Finally Villanova came in with Niccolo and a number of armed guards. He insisted that she prove her identity by showing him the rune inscribed on her flesh as a Laerdom master. She insisted it was in a private place that she would not display to him. He then quizzed her on the name of her first mate. Katy wracked her brain and recalled Jorund Guttormson. Villanova claims that he betrayed Yngvild at Cabora and now Red Thorfild is the first mate. Katy says that Villanova is lying but Villanova insists she is not who she claims she is. He points to the fact that she travels with a black giant who has been travelling around Theah with others including a Vendel merchant woman named Katy Peters. He has them all locked up in his dungeon where they find Finn already imprisoned.

Meanwhile, back at the hotel Henri and Federico are confronted by a couple henchmen of Villanova’s. They poisoned their blades and were almost able to knock Henri out before Federico surrendered for them. They accompanied the men to the Villanova estate where Niccolo explained that they owed the Prince now. Federico offered to remain as a cook. Henri decided to just pay the 3000 senators and be free of obligations to the Prince. The inquired as to their companions and Niccolo explained they were being held captive because they had critical information. The Prince would consider releasing them sometime in a future, a few months perhaps.



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