Federico Cochinar


Brawn 2
Finesse 2
Resolve 3
Wits 3
Panache 1

Arcana: Trusting

Swordschool: Nahgem
Apprentice: Free raise vs. Fear, Free raise when attacking w/ spear
Kick 1
Pole Vault 1
Throw (Spear) 3
Exploit Weakness 1

Able Drinker
Indomitable Will
Keen Senses
Accurate Spear Thrower

Kanu r/w
Eisen r/w

Climbing 2
Footwork 2
Sprinting 2
Throwing 1
Long Distance Running 1
Swimming 1

Attack 3
Parry 3

Medicine Man
Diagnosis 1
First Aid 1
Flora 1
Religious Lore 1
Compounds 3

Skinning 1
Tracking 2
Trail Signs 2
Stealth 2
Survival 2

Cooking 3

Storytelling 1
Oratory 3
Dancing 1
Singing 1

Attack 1
Parry 1


1. Midnight Archipelgeo, Kanuba island

2. Male, 6’0". Lean and strong. Very dark skin, bald (shaved), dark eyes.

3. Refers to people by family relationship (brother, uncle, cousin) or elder.

4. To help his people back home understand about the larger world and advance them in the world. He told his parents he would make them proud and he would come back. When he left the island the elders warned him he was going off to a new world that would be dangerous and he might not come back.

5. Strength: Making friends, easy person to like.
Weakness: Naïve and easy to take advantage of, too trusting. Not very good at lying.

6. Most favorite: Food.
Least favorite: Doesn’t like transportation (horses). Like to travel on his own two feet.

7. See question 5. Has trouble if two friends are having a dispute. Doesn’t like conflict among friends.

8. To be forgotten by his family.

9. He would want people to say that he was a paragon of the Kanu. If lived forever he would spend his time cooking and sampling the food of the world.

10. Pretty close to a die hard patriot.

11. He hasn’t been exposed to enough of the world to have prejudices. He places extreme value on trustworthiness. If trust is broken he would completely censor them until they made things right.

12. With the Kanu and with the Castillians, the Avalon, and the Eisen.

13. No.

14. Federico was the eldest son. His family was important enough to have the honor to send someone with the Castillians.

15. Federico is self sufficient and capable from both mother and father. Father says he’s a good hunter. Mother says he was willing to help out in the village anywhere it was needed.

16. No because he doesn’t understand it completely. He is a gentleman in his own way.

17. Somewhat. He believes in Opah and the Kanu religion.

18. No.

19. He doesn’t have an opinion due to lack of experience.

20. Pick your friends a little more carefully. You’re too naïve and can’t assume everyone is trustworthy.

Federico Cochinar

7th Sea Seral