Nigel Graves


Basic Character Description:
Nigel Graves – Avalon – 32 years old
Only has one eye, wears an eye patch. His remaining eye is green
Sword school: Donovan
Languages: Avalon, Montaigne
Background: Cursed

Nigel was a military captain that helped Elaine come to power in Avalon. For this, he was granted the right to be one of Elaine’s Knights (patron undecided, will figure out when I do character sheet). He should be thrilled, but he fears for his sanity and well-being. He was born in Gaavane and grew up hearing stories of the druids and the Sidhe. When he was promoted to captain, he want back home to receive a Greater Gesa. He was told “He cannot be killed during a military operation”, but now believes he has been tricked and cursed instead. When battles went well, all was good in his life. When a battle went poorly and all seemed lost (and even Nigel was ready to admit defeat) the tides would suddenly turn and his army would win their battle. After the first battle won in this way, he returned to his childhood home to celebrate with his family. That night, while sleeping, the house caught fire. His family survived but many beloved belongings were lost. The second battle won in this way, he was traveling home to see his wife and child. Approaching their home, he spotted his son playing in a tall tree. When his son recognized him, the boy waved but consequently lost his grip and broke his neck when he hit the ground. The third battle won this way, he was drinking at a bar after the battle. A fight broke out and a bottle was smashed in his face, resulting in the loss of his left eye.

Nigel has no divorced his wife, sold his home and many of his belongings, all in fear that he would lose them anyway lest he have to go to the battlefields again. He has requested assignment outside of Avalon from his patron Knight and has been granted it. For now, he is running, trying to formulate a plan on how to confront his curse. Should he find the druid that performed the Gesa? Should he consult the Sidhe? Should he let any of his fellow Knights know of this curse? Will he lose everything he has ever loved? What if the trigger is not losing a military battle, but combat in general? For now, he treads lightly.


Nigel Graves

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