7th Sea

Pursued through the cold

Primus 17th-21st, 1668:

The heroes traveled north through the farmland and plains of rural Rancho Aldana. They omitted a fire for fear of attracting their pursuers. Unfortunately the weather took a turn for the worse and several of them were suffering from exposure to the cold and wind.

The afternoon of the 18th they came upon a wide creek that was partially frozen over. They travelled upstream to look for a place to cross and as they searched they heard the sounds of hunting dogs coming up behind them. Eventually they found an area where the creek was frozen enough to pass but a group of mounted Inquisitors were almost upon them. A fierce battle ensured where the heroes took turns crossing over the ice while holding off the Defenders of the Faith. Katy was the last to cross on her horse but the ice didn’t give way in her wake as she hoped.

The Knight Inquisitor and her defenders followed. The heroes managed to hit one of her allies so hard he smashed through the ice leaving a jagged hole leading to the freezing water. Jean taunted the Knight Inquisitor and she threw him into the ice hole as well for his insolence. Afterward she stabbed Henri, knocking him out. She had taken some wounds but in her righteous fury she showed no sign of backing down until Katy invoked her runic magic and blasted the Knight Inquisitor with a lightning bolt. Rather than risk confronting a sorceress while wounded, she announced a retreat. Once the Inquisitors had made it to the far side of the creek the heroes smashed the rest of the ice with stones until crossing was no longer possible.

That evening they warmed up by a modest fire but most helpful was the change of weather brought about by more of Katy’s rune magic. A cold winter’s night turned into a moderately cool evening which allowed the heroes to recover much of their strength.

After a couple uneventful days they arrived at Sienna de Guzman del Torres’ Explorer’s Society expedition camp at the edge of La Selva de Fendes. Henri’s membership allowed them entrance where the heroes got access to medical care and good food. Federico took charge at the cooking fire, putting on an impressive show along with preparing a fine meal impressing all the Explorers. Meanwhile, Henri reported on the journey’s events to Sienna and his mentor Franco Reyes. Franco and Sienna informed Henri that the heroes could not stay at the camp if they were being pursued by the Inquisition and they would need to leave the country as soon as possible. They came up with a plan to have the woodworkers of the camp create a raft that the heroes could take to El Rio de Delia and cross over to Montaigne occupied Castille and safety.

Henri informed the rest of the heroes about the plan and claimed he could pilot the raft across the river, after all, how hard could it be? Nigel and Katy weren’t impressed by his confidence and approached Franco asking for a skilled pilot. That evening Franco introduced them to Hans Schmitt who would pilot their rafter across the river. The heroes were also able to scrounge up spare equipment such as warm clothing, horses, and rations for the trip.

The next morning Hans, the heroes, and the raft headed west toward the river bank. Sometime after they’d left the Inquisitors rode into the Explorer’s camp, 20 men strong. The Knight Inquisitor demanded to see someone who was in charge and Franco came forward. He told the Knight Inquisitor that he’d seen the heroes but sent them on their way as fugitives and they’d fled into the forest. The Knight Inquisitor stared deep into his eyes and declared that she didn’t believe him. Her men held the Explorer’s at gunpoint as they hauled Franco over to the fire. She told him that the flames would burn the truth out of him as she grabbed his palm and held both their hands in the fire. Eventually Franco started to scream and told her everything she wanted to know. The Knight Inquisitor let him go, his hand a burned mess and hers untouched. She gave the order to continue the hunt toward the west.

The story begins

Primus 16th, 1668:

In the rural Castillian town of Marbella Katy, Nigel, Content Not Found: jean-c-leste, and Henri heard news of a demon being captured at a nearby farm. They traveled to the farm and everyone but Henri convinced the locals to let them investigate. Inside the barn they found a dark skinned giant tied to a post. They talked with him and he identified himself as Federico from the island of Kanuba in the Midnight Archipelago. Henri, who snuck in, has heard of the place and confirmed it could be a true story. The local militia guards ordered Henri out of the barn and Henri fought them, knocking one out.

A group of inquisitors arrived led by a female Knight Inquisitor who paid the farmers for their barn and comes inside to interrogate the demon. The heroes come inside as well despite the inquisitors ordering them to stay out. Henri picks a fight again and disarms one of the Defenders of the Faith while Katy frees Federico. The Knight Inquisitor ordered her people out of the barn to discuss their options with the locals. The heroes realized that she meant to burn the barn down with them inside so they escaped out the window after Jean threw horseshoe out the other side as a distraction.

Unfortunately Katy and Nigel weren’t stealthy enough and attracted attention exiting through the window. A fight broke out and eventually the heroes escaped into the night with an especially dramatic Federico pole vaulting over a crowd of stunned peasants. Jean was pursued by the inquisitors and is caught and crippled in the wheat field but is saved by Katy who hauled him onto her horse and rode to safety.

Nigel attempted to steal an inquisitor’s horse but was bitten on the hand for his trouble. He did manage to overhear them planning to come back in the morning with hunting dogs.

The heroes met up in the fields north of the farm house and took cover for the evening. Making due without a fire they were uncomfortable in the cold but made due. Federico used his medicine man talents to heal some of Jean’s wounds. Over the course of the evening Federico told his life’s story but everyone else was tight lipped about their pasts. They decided to head north toward an Explorer’s Society camp near La Selva de Fendes for help. Far to the west, a lone wolf howled.

Meanwhile, back at the farm, the peasants and inquisitors worked to save the livestock before the whole barn went up in flames. Once the building became an inferno the Knight Inquisitor stood close with her arms out and a look of serenity upon her face while the commoners looked fearfully on.


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