Hero Creation

I took a look at the hero creation math and it isn’t quite as bad as I remember it. We’ll use the normal version for the most part with a few tweaks.

  • Traits cost 5 HP per point, not 8
  • Advanced knacks cost 1 HP per rank but you may only purchase 5 ranks of advanced knacks at character creation.
  • The Castillian Education advantage will grant 3 free Civil advanced knacks as well as unlimited Civil advanced knacks purchasable at character creation.
  • For Arcana I’m changing the costs to 5 HP for the Virtue and -5 HP for the Hubris.
  • The Academy advantage will refund 1 HP for each martial skill you get for “free” with your sword school.

General recommendations

Most 7th Sea heroes start with either a sorcery or a sword school, this is what makes you unique outside of just a series of stats and skills. They aren’t required but one is recommended. Buying one of each is expensive but possible if you want. Also note that Castille has the El Fuego sorcery in their nation book that you wouldn’t know about from just the Player’s Guide and all nations have about 4 new sword schools in their nation books. So when selecting a nation keep in mind you have more options than just what’s in the Player’s Guide.

It is important that everyone in the party speak at least one common language. This will require a bit of coordination, just make sure when you make your character that you have enough flexible HP budget to pick up a language. Also, the linguist advantage is almost always worth it because it pays for itself if you know 3 or more languages.

Also consider buying at least one background advantage. They are great for plot hooks and will pay off for additional xp during the campaign. I will make sure that everyone’s backgrounds get time in the plot. As a word of warning, if you take Amnesia expect something pretty dramatic to play out of it. Also, if you take Foul Weather Jack, know that all of the Heroes in my campaigns who had that advantage died (sample size 2).


All normal nationalities are allowed. Crescent Empire, Cathay, and Midnight Archipelago are disallowed. If somebody really wants to play one of these they can make a pitch for a hero concept to me and I’ll consider it.


All core rule sorceries are allowed. El Fuego from the Castille book is also allowed as long as your backstory is appropriate.

Character History and 20 Questions

All heroes must have a brief history written up detailing their background. You must also complete the 7th Sea 20 questions for personality building.

Destiny Spread

The Destiny Spread is a tarot reading for your hero that determines some information about your past, present, and future. They are optional. If you want to do one let me know and we’ll do one in person. Once it’s done you may either keep it or choose not to have one. There will be no do overs but you can choose just not to have it if it really is against what you want to play for some reason.

Character Concepts

My 7th Sea campaigns tend to have the heroes move around quite a bit so try to avoid having a character who would be expected to be tied down to one specific place. For example, if you’re a Muskateer it’s hard to justify your character wandering off with an adventuring party to Voddace. Similarly having a commission in the army or the navy limits your character’s self determination. You could have it be part of your history that you were in the navy but being in it currently could cause plot difficulties.

Also, I don’t usually run the campaign entirely at sea. There will be portions where you’re on a boat doing sailor things but it won’t be the focus of the campaign. Therefore you shouldn’t buy a boat at character creation.

One last small thing is that I do allow players to play opposite gender heroes if they so desire.

Hero Creation

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