7th Sea

Blood in the Snow

Primus 30th – Secondus 10th

While resting at the Montaigne camp the heroes hear soldiers grumbling that the war would have been over by now if Montegue was still in charge instead of being exiled to Ussura. They also heard rumors about a masked vigilante attacking Montaigne soldiers in the Castillian cities they are occupying.

Snow started falling as the heroes escorted Hans back to the raft so he could return to the Explorer’s camp. After that they returned on foot to the Montaigne camp and planned how to hunt the black wolf. First they tried tracking it. Federico was able to find some tracks but they kept disappearing after a few dozen yards. After a day of searching in the cold they decided to try and bait it.

The next day Henri stood alone at a tree to relieve himself while the rest of the heroes laid in wait nearby. A black wolf the size of a small horse appeared from a bloody portal and savaged Henri from behind. Nigel pelted the beast with arrows, Katy shot lightning at it, and Federico and Jean charged into melee. In short order the wolf was wounded and vanished through another portal without a trace. The heroes took a seriously wounded Henri back to camp to plan their next move.

Nigel talked to the leadership of the camp and came up with a plan to embed bloodied arrows in the wolf’s hide and then teleport to its lair using Porte magic. They then tracked down and slew a deer to leave it as bait for the wolf. Once the wolf appeared to eat the deer the heroes charged. Henri ran ahead of the pack and got ambushed as the wolf appeared behind him. Nigel missed with his first bloodied arrow. Federico and Jean wounded the wolf seriously and it teleported away before Nigel could hit it with a second bloodied arrow.

Thinking quickly, Federico climbed a tree and spotted the wolf retreating through the snow hundreds of yards away. He gave chase through the snow with the rest of the heroes trailing behind. By evening Federico had tracked the wolf back to its lair which was a cave in the side of a hill. The rest of the heroes arrived a couple hours later, exhausted. The next morning they tried to flush the wolf out of the cave with Katy’s lightning. When that didn’t work they threw burning logs into the cave to smoke it out. Eventually the wolf started crawling out of the cave in a desperate attempt to escape. Federico speared it in place while Henri slew the beast with his sword.

Federico skinned the body and the heroes took the corpse back to the camp where they were greeted as saviors. Federico told the story of the hunt to the entire camp and a celebration was held that evening in their honor. Katy turned the teeth and bones into jewelry that she sold to the soldiers for a tidy profit. The heroes also accepted and split the reward money.

The next day one of the Porte mages at the camp, Lt. Alain Sices du Sices, offered to transport the heroes with him to Arrisent where he was headed to deliver military messages and reports. They accepted and gathered their belongings. Private Jerome approached Nigel about carrying a letter to his fiancé Valory. Nigel turned him down but Jean, who overheard, accepted the request.

The heroes were warned by Lt. Sices to not open their eyes on the mists and keep ahold of each other’s hands so they don’t get lost. He then reached out and tore a bloody hole in space that the heroes stepped in. The journey took about 45 minutes and part way through the heroes were tormented by voices who tried to trick them into opening their eyes. Some of which imitated people that were important to the hero. On the other side the heroes arrived in a well-furnished foyer in a building in Arrisent. They stepped out into the busy street to get their bearings.



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