7th Sea


Decimus 3 – Deciums 17

Henri returned to the hotel, gathered the rest of the heroes’ belongings, and relocated to a cheaper lodging near the docks. He spent time trying to find an escape craft and information but with limited success due to not knowing the language and his limited social skills.

Meanwhile at Villanova’s mansion Federico joined the kitchen staff and eventually earned the approval of Head Chef Carmine and impressed Villanova himself enough to be summoned to dinner. In the dining room he also entertained Villanova, his wife, and his two sons Alfonso and Emilio with stories of Kanuba and his travels.

In the jail Jean and Mattias bantered about with Finn while Katy stewed in her cell. Jean attempted to work on an escape by using his belt to knock a lantern off the wall in hopes of securing it. This drew the attention of the jailer who took the remains of the lantern away and announced they could stay in the dark for a while. After a few days the real Yngvild Olafsdottir and her first mate Red Thorfild visited to see the “vendel scum” who dared impersonate her. They confronted Katy who acted erratically even when threatened with bestraffning. Eventually Yngvild declared Katy wasn’t worth the effort and that she could rot in prison. The two of them left.

On the 17th Federico was summoned up to entertain at dinner for Valentina Villanova and her sons. During dinner the sons got in an argument with their mother that became violent. Alfonso stood up to strike his mother and Federico interceded. Alfonso threatened Federico and assaulted his mother again. Full of fury, Valentina yelled at her sons in Voddace and started making strange motions with her hands. Emilio started choking on his food and Alfsonso tried to stab his mother but slipped on the carpet and impaled himself on his dagger. Federico tried to administer first aid to Emilio to save his life but the bone lodged in his throat was stuck tight and he eventually died as well.

The other servants in the room had run away in terror at Valentina’s actions. She looked hard at Federico and told him they were leaving the estate and they’d get his friends to help make an escape. They went to the dungeon and rescued the other heroes and started heading out of the mansion. In the waiting room they defeated a handful of guards. Afterward Katy grabbed a couple valuable paintings and Jean tried to break open the display case with the Syrneth artifacts. Unfortunately he hit it too hard and collapse it resulting in an explosion. Fortunately nobody was seriously injured.

Outside the mansion they ran to the stables to secure a coach. Finn started getting the horses ready to go when the group was confronted by a large number of guards led by Niccolo Rossi. He accused Valentina of murdering Villanova’s sons and the heroes with theft and destruction of part of the mansion. He then had his men open fire with their pistols and the battle began.



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