7th Sea

Opera Ghost Unmasked

Nonus 30 – Decimus 1

Henri gave up trying to open the secret door and snuck out of the opera house before anyone came in that morning. Federico spent time with Maura while Katy and Jean went to a local restaurant to find information on the Opera Ghost. They used the favor of Villanova to get a lavish lunch and talk to the owner about the phantom. Afterwards Katy met with another customer who gave her more information in exchange for her accompanying him to the performance that night. However, she lied to him about where she was staying. They did learn that the Opera Ghost had been abducting women from the opera every 6 months or so for the last 3 years.

Henri searched the backstage of the opera house before the performance but couldn’t find anything out of the ordinary and that evening Federico stayed next to the stage while the rest of the heroes watched from Villanova’s box seats again. In the third act the Opera Ghost appeared and proclaimed to the room that Maura would be his and then floated to the stage as it became covered with mist. Federico engaged the Opera Ghost with his spear while the rest of the heroes rushed down from the balcony to help. Meanwhile, the audience watched with excitement and mobbed around the stage for best view.

Federico saw a trap door open in the floor of the stage and the Opera Ghost leapt into it, pulling Maura with him. Federico dove in as well before it closed. In a secret room under the stage both the Opera Ghost and Maura started giggling. The Opera Ghost took off her mask revealing an attractive woman and shook Federico’s hand proclaiming that the best performance they’d ever given. She and Maura explained that they took turns playing the na├»ve young talent until they were abducted then started over with the other leading lady with different hair and makeup. The drama of it all increased attendance at the opera significantly as everyone wanted to catch a glimpse of the villainous ghost. They gave Federico a sizable amount of money for his silence and asked him to play the mournful lover to the crowd which he did.

The next morning, in private, Federico told the rest of the heroes what had happened. Just before lunch Niccolo Rossi called upon the heroes and told them that the Prince was ready to meet with Yngvild that evening.



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