7th Sea

Sparking a Revolution

Octavus 12 – Octavus 26

The rest of the Celeste family rushed into the study and found Edmond’s body impaled to his chair. Mattias worked free his Zweihander from the corpse as Edmond’s son, Andre, angrily confronted Jean. He challenged Jean to a duel to the death which Henri accepted on Jean’s behalf. A close fight ensued with Henri narrowly seizing victory. He stopped short of killing Andre though and Federico stabilized the wounded son.

Cherie scolded Jean, blaming this entire situation on him and saying that she hated him. Then newly widowed Isabella ordered everyone out of the house, Jean compiled and Federico helped convince the rest of the heroes to leave as well. Outside Baron Richter tried to convince Jean to take over the estate and eventually Jean agreed. The Celestes opened the door and told everyone to leave their property while Jean tried to claim that it was his, explaining the story of the evidence he found of his parents’ murder. Katy spoke up in support of this narrative and walked the Celeste’s accountant through the incriminating financial records. Isabella agreed that the financial records didn’t look good but said that the rest of the story was suspect and didn’t justify Jean’s actions. She slammed the door in his face.

Finally Jean agreed to take the mansion over. The heroes and Eisen mercenaries broke back into the house and rounded up everyone inside. Jean tried to convince them that they could stay in the servant’s area but the surviving Celeste’s spat in his face and left in exile along with the servants. The heroes slept in the mansion that night and in the morning headed toward Charouse to save Jerome. Jean left Baron Richter in charge of getting his new household up and running.

Just inside Charouse they found all the residents assembled in the streets awaiting the public humiliation and execution of the Montaigne private who dared kill a nobleman. The crowd was mostly commoners and seemed very agitated by the injustice of the situation. The heroes made a plan to free Jerome with Katy shooting lightning into the air to provide a distraction while Henri snuck onto the wagon Jerome was tied to and liberated him. The loud cracks of Katy’s lightning spooked the soldiers and musketeers who started threatening the commoners. Soon after someone in the crowd through a cobblestone into the head of one of Jerome’s guards and he went down with a thud. In panic the soldiers fired into the crowd and pretty soon a full scale riot was in place. The heroes managed to escape the city without too much damage and fled back to the Celeste estate. Behind them the Montaigne Revolution spread out from Charouse with noble blood being spilled by the gallon.

Safely back at Jean’s mansion they took a rest. Once the heroes had a chance to take stock of their situation they realized they had intended to find Nigel’s widow who was last known to be in Charouse. Worried for her safety they rode south again to the Montaigne capital.



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