Henri Mouton

Small, fast Swordsman


Brawn: 3 (2 at start for 5 HP, spent 15 XP to raise to 3)
Finesse: 4 (2 at start for 5 HP, spent 15+20 XP to raise to 4)
Wits: 3 (3 at start for 10 HP)
Resolve: 3 (2 at start for 5 HP, spent 15 XP to raise to 3)
Panache: 4 (4 at start for 10 HP)
-— 35 HP spent (35 total), 65 XP spent -

Small: 2 HP
Legendary Trait, Panache: 3 HP
Explorer’s Society, Frothing Sea rank: 2 HP
Linguist: 2 HP
Combat Reflexes: 3 HP
Language, Montaigne (+ literacy): 0 HP
Language, Castilian (+ literacy): 1 HP
Language, Thean (+ literacy): 2 HP
Specialty, Lockpicking: 3 (3 at start for 5 HP)
Puzzle Sword: 5 HP
Loup/Barbed Guard (one free raise to Disarm attempts)
Detruire/Strange Metal (raise one card rank by 1 during initiative draws)
Appearance, Above Average: gained through story
-— 25 HP spent (60 total) -

Montaigne Swordsman, Valroux school: 25 HP
Membership, Swordsman’s Guild: 0 HP
Double-parry (Fencing/Knife): 3 (2 at start for 1 HP, spent 6 XP to raise to 3)
Feint (Fencing): 3 (3 at start for 2 HP)
Tagging (Fencing): 3 (1 at start for 0 HP, spent 4+6 XP to raise to 3)
Exploit Weakness (Valroux): 1 (1 at start for 0 HP)
-— 28 HP spent (88 total), 16 XP spent -

Attack (Fencing): 5 (3 at start for 2 HP, spent 8+10 XP to raise to 5)
Parry (Fencing): 3 (3 at start for 2 HP)
Attack (Knife): 1 (1 at start for 0 HP)
Parry (Knife): 1 (1 at start for 0 HP)
Scholar: 2 HP
History: 2 (2 at start for 1 HP)
Mathematics: 1 (1 at start for 0 HP)
Philosophy: 1 (1 at start for 0 HP)
Research: 2 (2 at start for 1 HP)
Spy: 2 HP
Shadowing: 1 (1 at start for 0 HP)
Stealth: 3 (3 at start for 2 HP)
Athlete: 2 HP
Climbing: 2 (2 at start for 1 HP)
Footwork: 3 (3 at start for 2 HP, spent 8 XP to raise to 4)
Sprinting: 1 (1 at start for 0 HP)
Throwing: 1 (1 at start for 0 HP)
-— 17 HP spent (105 total), 26 XP spent -

Hubris, Proud: Negative 5 HP
-— Negative 5 HP spent (100 total) -

Social (High): +12
Martial: +31
Moral: +8

5→13→18→3(Resolve(15))→13→19→27→12(Finesse(15))→24→9(Brawn(15))→1(Attack(Fencing)(8))→13→22→27→19(Footwork(8))→9(Attack(Fencing)(10))→3(Double Parry(6))→11→7(Tagging(4))→17→27→7(Finesse(20))→1(Tagging(6))→13→23.

XP gained: 130. XP spent: 107.

Current gear:
950 guilders
Puzzle Sword
Main Gauche
Riding horse (+saddle, bit, bridle, saddle blanket, horse blanket, saddle bags)
Camping gear (tent, bedroll, outdoor clothing, backpack)
Set of fine clothing
String (50’)
Rope (50’)
6 torches
Blank book
Black Wolf fang
Ussuran winter gear


Henri Mouton is a very small, slight man (4’10", 120#) in his early 20s, hailing from Montaigne. His father is a minor Marquis in the province of La Motte, though as a third son Henri has very little chance of succeeding him. Henri has neither the interest nor the temperament to join the priesthood, and his individualistic streak kept him from choosing the military as well. He does, however, find a great deal of challenge in the solving of riddles, starting with an old blade he found on his father’s office wall – first teaching himself in secret (playing, really) – then, when caught, openly with his father’s blessing. Upon attaining his majority, his father gifted him with the blade, and steered him towards the Swordsman’s Guild.

Henri learned all he could about the sword, and tangentially found out about the Explorer’s Society while researching its background. The idea of an entire group dedicated to old mysteries intrigued him, and upon his graduation from the Valroux school he sought the Society out. He distinguished himself here as well, and quickly became a capable (though junior) field scholar.

More than anything else, pride drives Henri. Pride in his talents; pride in his accomplishments; pride in his family name. He does his best to act the noble, even though he cannot claim his family title.

Twenty (one) questions:

1) What country is your Hero from?

  • Montaigne

2) How would you physically describe your Hero?

  • Small and slight. Easy to overlook in a crowd, both because of his size and his unassuming demeanor.

3) Does your Hero have recurring mannerisms?

  • No physical tics, though he likes to jump into situations feet first (“How hard could it be?”)

4) What is your Hero’s main motivation?

  • Cracking mysteries that nobody else has been able to solve before.

5) What is your Hero’s greatest strength? Greatest weakness?

  • Physically, his quick blade, and his small size, respectively. Mentally, his intellect and his pride.

6) What are your Hero’s most and least favorite things?

  • Favorite, the chance to prove himself against a new challenge. Least, the questioning of his abilities.

7) What about your Hero’s psychology?

  • He’s driven mostly by his pride. He loves to prove that he can do anything anyone else can, and does not like to take ‘No, you can’t.’ for an answer.

8) What is your Hero’s single greatest fear?

  • He’s most afraid of being shown to be incompetent.

9) What are your Hero’s highest ambitions? His greatest love?

  • One day he’d love to be the leader of an expedition which finds a completely unknown ruin, so that his name will be known throughout the Society.

10) What is your Hero’s opinion of his country?

  • Montaigne is probably the best place for him to have grown up, as it contains the School best able to showcase his physical talents as well as a chapter of the Society able to showcase his mental abilities. He doesn’t have any particular patriotic streak, but is not particularly tolerant of other countries’ differing mores either.

11) Does your Hero have any prejudices?

  • He’s not prejudiced against any physical type/race/whatever (after all, he knows prejudice from the other side due to his size). However, he does not care for authoritarian people, and will often oppose a directive from someone “throwing their weight around” just on general principles.

12) Where do your Hero’s loyalties lie?

  • Primarily with himself and the Explorer’s Society.

13) Is your Hero in love? Is he married or betrothed?

  • None of the above. He has yet to find anyone worthy of the time.

14) What about your Hero’s family?

  • Henri was raised in a noble family, and had the best upbringing money could buy.

15) How would your Hero’s parents describe him?

  • They are proud of what Henri’s made of himself, though they wish Henri wouldn’t allow his pride to get the better of him so often. His father’s one fear is that Henri will drag the name of Mouton through the metaphorical mud.

16) Is your Hero a gentleman?

  • Though he’s not himself Noble (with the standing that brings) he does his best to act as if he were.

17) How religious is your Hero? What sect of the Church does he follow?

  • Henri is not religious at all, though he did attend church with his family as he grew up.

18) Is your Hero a member of a guild, gentleman’s club, or secret society?

  • Both the Swordsman’s Guild and the Explorer’s Society.

19) What does your Hero think of Sorcery?

  • It’s a useful tool, no different than a sword or a shovel. It’s all about the intent behind the effect.

20) If you could, what advice would you give your Hero?

  • Stop letting yourself get in too deep! You don’t have to do everything alone.

21) What is your Hero’s favorite book and why?

  • The blank one he keeps as a “new ruin” notebook. See #9.

Henri Mouton

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